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MAC Week 2 - Comment 2

Screen capture from Danielle Miles' post, "Leadership Project Continued"
Danielle's original post:

As I try to wrap my head further around the idea of presenting at a conference, I have been doing a bit of surfing and searching of the web.  My goal was to get a feel for what types of conferences are available, what sort of timeline I am working with in terms of applying and scheduling of details, and to see who these types of conferences are geared toward.  I came across some pretty valuable information and thought that I might share. 

I found a site  that offered the following information:

Media Literacy, Greening the Classroom & Designing the 21st C. Classroom
San Antonio Texas
June 20th-24th
The San Antonio Summer Institute is a five day event that combines our Media Literacy, Greening the Classroom and Designing the 21st Century Classroom workshops into a seamless, relevant and comprehensive learning experience.

Summer 2011 Teaching with Technology Workshops
Cambridge Massachusetts
June 23rd-August 5
Inspiring Technology Integration Ideas with Acclaimed Education Technology Leaders

Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth
Lake Oswego, Oregon
October 13th-14th
Learn how to involve troubled and challenged youth in learning. This class explains the challenges
that children can face, and how to effectively teach and assist those youngsters. Participants will discover how to best integrate challenged youth.

33rd National Media Market
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 16th- 20th
The National Media Market (NMM) is a non-profit organization that brings together 
content providers and professionals involved in the use of media in teaching and 
learning. From K12, to public libraries, to colleges and universities, NMM and the 
participating companies support the development of all types of libraries as 
learning communities of the 21st Century.

So all in all I am off to a good start.  I am still a bit nervous about the process particularly with the actual proposal.  But as always, when I let go and let our very capable and informed professors guide us through the process, I do just fine.


My comment to Danielle:

Okay, Danielle, looking at your "Free Choice" blogs for the past two weeks makes me feel very, very behind on the Publishing/Leadership project.  But, thanks to your posts, especially this one, I now have some resources to start working with.

Thanks for sharing!

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