Sunday, March 13, 2011

MAC Week 2 Free Post - After EMDT

Some of my upcoming reading after finishing up next month.
Not that I'm looking to wish away the last month and a half of the EMDT program, but with only a few weeks left, it's time to start thinking about how I'm going to fill the time that I devoted to this endeavor over the past year. 

Right now I have one plan: reading.

If you look at my blog's sidebar, you can see some of the reading challenges I've chosen to engage in this year.  I've not really applied any time to these yet, but I don't think I'm down and out yet.

I'm an English teacher, so it's no big surprise that I like reading and collect books. The ones listed above are only a few of the ones that are in my I have yet to read.  I purchase most of the books I read because part of what I love about books is owning them. I do visit the library, but I'm a slow, and sometimes distracted, reader which means that having a brief time to interact with a book from the library really limits my enjoyment.

My wife keeps asking me if I'd be interested in a Kindle, Nook or other e-reader, and I'm not really interested yet. I really enjoy the physical interaction with the text on a page that I turn, not scroll.  I don't really enjoy the fact that most of the text books in this program have been in a digital format, but I see the value.  I do think that I might be persuaded to try e-books on an iPad because if I don't like the experience, I can still use the iPad for other uses. With a dedicated e-reader, if I don't like it, then there's not much I can do with it.

So after my adventure in EMDT ends in April, you can find me with a book, either in a chair by a window or in a hammock in my back yard.

What are you looking forward to after we end our time in EMDT? And what are your thoughts on e-books versus physical books?


  1. It's great to have a post-program plan. So many make it to the end and then when the pressure is released so many things dissipate and never happen. It's good to have a plan. :-)

  2. I'm right there with you. When I'm in classes, I don't allow myself a lot of room for reading for pleasure because I know I get so into the story that I willingly allow other things to fall by the wayside. I've taken to listening to audiobooks in the last couple weeks on my drive to and from work. It still allows me to get the story world but, as long as I keep the CDs in the car, it doesn't interrupt the rest of the daily activities.

    I'm still debating the ebook myself. There really is something wonderful about holding a book in your hands and physically turning the pages. I love walking into the library or bookstore, taking a book off the shelf and looking through it - I can lose myself for hours that way. On the other hand, with the ebook reader, I wouldn't have to worry about the size and weight of my books when I take them with me. I can't decide.

    As for my plans first plan is to take advantage of the extra time to restore the time with friends that has necessarily been limited this last year to get everything done. Beyond that, I haven't decided - there are still too many ideas which will have to be narrowed down.