Sunday, March 6, 2011


by Flickr user Marcus McBride
The clock image is honor of the fact that I'm submitting all m work this week at the 11th hour, almost literally.  I hate it, but as we all know, life sometimes doesn't cooperate with our plans.

Now, you may be sitting in your seat cringing that I'm about to list a litany of excuses about why I'm working late on this, but have no fear, that's not my purpose in this post. I'm hear to talk about this week's Wimba session.

So how does this all relate to Wimba? I'm about to tell you!

I was greatly comforted in my predicament today as I watched the archive and our course director explained that his focus, in regards to deadlines, is that they help make sure things get accomplished, but that they should not be the main focus. Rather, the fact that the work gets done should be the focus.

(If I have that wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments, Joe.)

Don't fear, however, that I'm going to be a complete slacker this month.  I know he said this not the time to judge a pageant, and I'm not doing that, but I am directing a musical that opens on April 1 and runs through April 3.  Yep, I started the EMDT program last year the month after the musical, which means that now I'm finishing the program the same month as the musical. This month is going to require intense focus and organization, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

All that was said for to reasons: 1) it's a disclaimer for if I'm completely dead at the end of the month, and 2) it explains why I'm so appreciative of how the Wimba went this week.  I need to know when things are due so that I can plan ahead.  It was also great to get the opportunity to hear what to expect and what is expected from each week's projects, along with some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

I'm excited to get to attend the future sessions, and hope that I keep my head in the next three weeks.

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  1. ack.... there's something a little funny about a journalism teacher with a time management thing... wait, that was me.... carry on.